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Lonely isn’t being alone.
Lonely is feeling alone.
When feelings cannot be shared
With another who understands and cares —
With whom you feel you can be weak —
Who will listen and not speak
Empty words of solace without meaning
To fill the void without hearing or feeling.
What do you do
When there is no one you can talk to?
Someone who cares for you
Who believes in you
Who understands…
© Oct 22, 2016, Bob R. Walker

What a New World!
‘Where did the years go?’

Wow! What a New World!
From hugs and kisses
And morning sickness,
Then beaming proudly
To be a new mommy;
Daddy’s happy
Changing diapies —
Oh, Wow!
What a new world!

Waking at night
To feed the baby,
Dreaming that he might
Someday, maybe
Become the Pres,
Or maybe “First Hubby” —
Oh, Wow!
What a great new world!

First words and steps,
Recorded and kept;
First bruises and bumps,
And measles or mumps;
And then it’s off to school . . .

Report card day —
All “A”s — Hooray!
And, before you know it,
He’s on his first date —
“Dad, can I borrow the car?”

“Gee, is it Prom Night?
Already? Well, all right.
I guess just this once
You can stay out past midnight…
Where did the years go?
Our baby is all grown!
We done good
I know he’ll go far!”

And, then off to college
To add to his knowledge.
Tuition and rooming
Sure lighten the wallet!
But you know it was worth it
When they march to “Aida,”
And shout, “It’s a great new world!”

And, on the way home,
As you hold hands, alone,
And smile
As the mem’ries unfurl,
Realization sinks in,
And you get a big grin —
“Whew! What a great new world!”

— ©06/1987 BRWalker


I’m awakened from my slumber,
A winter sleep devoid of dreams;
I’m awakened, and I wonder
What light is this I see?

As I awaken, I hear thunder,
And I hear an angel sing –
A voice and song that I remember
From a distant movie scene.

In the darkness I see sunshine –
But wonder how can sunshine be,
And feel a warmth as if in springtime,
Instead of January freeze.

In my thoughts I play the movie
That awakened me from sleep,
And I listen for the music,
Searching mem’ries for the scene.

Until I find the one with sunshine,
And angelic voice in song –
A warm refreshing breeze of springtime
That sweeps my soul along.

Your eyes that shine like sunrise,
Your voice that floats on air like song,
Your warmth just like the springtime
After winter night is gone

Quietly slipped into my slumber;
And now awakened from my sleep,
There are dreams that I remember,
And there are mem’ries in my dreams.

Bob Walker 01142015


Conditioned. We are conditioned to see
Through the judgements of others;
To accept and reject –
Through judgements we accept
Through judgements we believe.

Superficiality. Appearance. Is.
The clean. The dirty. The wealthy. The poor.
The house. The clothes. The bling. The car.
Conditioned, not to seek what lies within.
Conditioned that what we think we see … is.
-BRW 2014

I dwell not upon the tears
That passed between us
On occasion through the years;
Nor on the words we heard or said
At times that touched our scars
From older wounds of prior days
And caused us to act in fear –
To protect our hearts from the pain
Of being made a fool again.

Instead I choose to recall
Treasured fondest memories all –
To think upon the days and nights
Of laughter, love and thoughts
Of future times, when enthralled
Our spirits were lifted high,
Causing us to soar above,
And in our love,
To see Eternity.
—©BRW 06072013

Wordsworth said, ‘Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.’ You said going in even if it doesn’t work, the dance is worth the risk. But now they’re gone, and you’re alone. Can you look back through the tears and feel blessed for the time you shared?

Man of the Earth; Child of the Sky
When the Man of the Earth
Saw the Child of the Sky,
He longed in his heart
To be by her side.

If but for a day
To be freed from his bonds,
if but for a moment
To fly.

“Can you make my heart sing,
And give it wings to fly?
Will you make my feet dance,
If I take a chance
With you?
And if, at daybreak,
I awake,
And you are gone,
Will I then recall
That my wishes all
Came true?”

The Heavenly Dream
Heard the Earth sing;
She turned
And held out her hand.
Together they danced
With the Angel of Romance —
The waltz of love
Without end . . .
The two moved as one
Until morning sun,
When the angel, with tears,
Said goodbye . . .

Then the Earth wrote a song
For the child that had flown;
And he sang, when it rained
To the Sky . . .

“Oh, how my heart sang!
With wings in the wind
It flew!
And the dance my feet danced —
The thrill of the chance
With you!
And though, at daybreak,
As I awake,
You have gone;
I will always recall
That with you
My dreams came true!”

For the Man of the Earth
The Child of the Sky
Is you.
–©BRW (Wordcarver)

Lady’s Eyes

Lady’s Eyes
The new sun would rise,
And so would I
Climb into the saddle
And ride.
Every day,
Never afraid
To go into the battle
And fight.

I knew I could win
Again and again
For the shining light
Of Lady’s eyes.
Lady would wait
At Victory’s gate,
Each day, her eyes
Beaming with pride.

Lady’s eyes,
My Lady’s eyes,
Shining, like stars
In the sky.
Lady’s eyes,
Like beams of sunlight,
I’d ride to the fight
For Lady’s eyes.

Now the sun sets,
And Lady has left,
And the warrior inside me
Has died;
The battle I lost
With unbearable cost
Was the fight I fought
For Lady’s eyes.

Lady’s eyes,
My Lady’s eyes
Forever will shine
In my mind.
Lady’s eyes,
Like beams of sunlight –
Love lost
When I lost Lady’s eyes.
–©BRW 1988 – 2013

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