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Always on the outside.
Never in the middle.
Seeing laughter by the fireplace.
Looking through the window.

-BRWalker Mar 13, 2017


When stormclouds and cold winds
Blow into your soul;
When it looks dark
Everywhere you go;
When you wish for just
A little sun on your face;
Close your eyes,
Take a breath,
Rise above,
Stay in the race.
Feel my hug
Lift you up;
Take one more step;
Keep the faith;
You’re the winner,
So set the pace.
You will rise
And overcome
You will win;
You’re the champion.
— © BRW (Wordcarver)February 14,2017

I Miss the Knowing

I am so tired of this shit.
It isn’t sex that I miss
Well, a little
But what I miss is the knowing
The comfort of knowing
The warmth of the knowing
The knowing
That I live in the heart of another.
— © BRW (Wordcarver)Jan 30 2017

When you’re in the friend zone.
When you’re the designated driver.
You get to laugh.
You get to flirt.
But you always
Go home alone.
— © BRW (Wordcarver)January 29,2017

Wine, Roses, Poetry & Love

When the connection between you is like one fire burning in two souls, and you know it will burn whether you are together or apart. Your world will never be the same.

Autumn Gold
When summer’s green begins to fade
Where the Texas prairies roll,
And nighttime leads to shorter days
As cooler breezes blow,
My thoughts begin to drift away
To a place where, when I go,
Like the trees, my heart is set ablaze
With fires of Autumn Gold.

In quiet evenings by the hearth
With someone close to hold,
Lighting fires against the dark
To chase out winter’s cold,
Two lovers swear that, though they part,
They part not in their souls;
But drink the wine that fills the heart
With fires of Autumn Gold.

When all in my life has been done
And the story has been told,
It will be said you were the one
Who made my heart unfold.
With brilliant eyes of deepest brown
And a love so warm and bold,
And hair that glistens in the sun
With fires of Autumn Gold.
— © BRW (Wordcarver) 1987 – 2017


Once in awhile you find that special someone with whom your very molecules intertwine. Someone who you know will exist within you for this lifetime and all those those yet to come. You know – you just know – that if there is never another day, your spirits will seek out one another wherever they flow with the ethereal cosmic winds.

If Never
If never I see another sunrise,
Nor hear another bird,
Nor smell another flower,
Nor speak another word . . .

If ne’er again should I feel
The soft touch of your hand,
Nor taste the sweetness of your lips,
Nor smell the fragrance of your skin . . .

Nor see your eyes light up the midnight sky,
Nor hear the music of your voice,
Nor feel your passion’s fire explode
As our bodies both rejoice . . .

Then know that where’er my spirit roams
Through the depths of time and space,
Forever it shall seek out yours,
And long for your embrace.

© BRW (Wordcarver) 1987 -2012


You may not have seen one another for days or weeks – or even months or years . . . but the love still is there. Even when you’re apart, you’re still together. You know you’d do anything for them, go anywhere if they called. You would be there, no matter the effort or the distance. . .

If You Called
If it took a hundred years,
(And, if I had that long to live),
I’d spend ev’ry one of them
Seeking out your hand.

If it took a hundred lifetimes –
Ev’ry life I yet will live –
I’d search the earth ev’ry time
Just to hold you at the end.

If it took a cosmic journey,
Riding solar winds through time,
I’d travel to the most distant star
To touch your heart with mine.

If you were in the ocean’s deep,
Or atop the highest mountain peak,
Or living in a land unseen,
Or as a vision in a dream,

I’d swim the depths, or climb the heights;
Or make the map, or extend the night;
Or pray the prayer, or fight the fight;
Or do whatever is in my might . . .

However long it took to do,
If you called, I’d find my way to you.
© BRW (Wordcarver) 1987 – 2012


You have found what others only dream about – and what some say exists only in a dream. It’s as if the dream has been made reality only for you. You pinch yourself. Is this a gift from above? Or just a dream?

I See the Dream in You
The ancients tell
A simple tale
That many would dispute;
But, I believe,
For I have seen
That simple tale come true.

The wise men say
That God, one day,
Created something new;
He took a flower from the spring,
And cast its fragrance on the breeze,
Then added a cool mountain stream
And blessed the earth with you.

Some men see you in their dreams;
But, I see the dream in you.
— ©BRW (Wordcarver)2007-2012


When you’re in love, seeing their smile is like breathing air. You love to give them gifts – a card, flowers, or just your thoughts when you’re apart. She loves roses. But what is the occasion?

Just Because
These roses are for just because,
Just to say hello to you;
Just because you are my friend,
And because I wanted to.

Just because the sun is shining,
Or even if it’s not;
Just because the day’s exciting,
Or, because it’s cold or hot.

Or, just because — because, you know,
Because you are so cute!
Because the reason flowers grow
Is for me to send to you!

Because it’s Wednesday, no, Thursday,
Or some day that ends in “y”,
And because the sky I see today so clear
Reminds me of your eyes.

Because the sailboat on the lake,
Or the people on the pier,
Make me wish that I were there,
Or rather, you were here.

These roses are for just because,
And in each and every bloom,
They will tell you that the just because
Is just because you’re you.
— ©BRWalker 2003 – 2012

Whether it is the caress of her fingers, the taste of her lips, the fragrance of her hair, or the thrill of her passion, you know there’s nowhere you’d rather be than with her . . .

When sunlight dances in your eyes
I think of what a lucky guy
I am
To be living in your world;
And that I chanced to know you, girl.

. . . and when your gentle smile I see
I thank my god that he made me
A man;
And in my mind’s eye ev’ry day,
I’ll always see you smile that way.

When the breeze blows through your hair,
I’m so glad If I am there
To have
That same soft breeze touch me, too,
After it has caressed you.

. . . and when you touch me with your hand
A fire throughout my soul it sends,
As though
You touched me with a searing brand,
And I long to feel the fire again.

When I taste your lips with mine
It’s like tasting a fine wine,
The glow
I feel from within
Makes me want to taste again.

–and when you give your love to me,
And I feel your passion’s heat,
I know
There is no place Id rather be
Than lying with you next to me.
–©Wordcarver 1987-2012

It’s as if you’ve known them forever – as if you were meant to be together. In past lives you shared your love – even before the earth, your spirits soared together amongst the cosmic ether. If you see them every day, you still pray for tomorrow so you can be with them again.

Before Time Began
From long before there was time —
And long after there will be —
Your heart, my heart,
I have loved with mine —
Our love was meant to be.

Before the very first robin sang
In the first Earth spring,
I have loved you with
The very first love,
And will eternally.

Long before the first sunrise
Or sunset e’er was seen —
Before the first moonlit night
Cast moonbeams on the sea —
I have loved you forever,
And pray that together
We will always be.

Long before the ocean tide
Rushed from shore to sea;
Before ever a flower bloomed,
Casting fragrance on the breeze,
Our love, my love,
Since before there was time,
Has been, and always will be.
–©Bob R. Walker 1987 – 2012

You don’t have to agree on everything. If you did, why would you need one another? True love comes through the difficulties like a fine masterpiece, made more perfect by the blending of colors and the composition of life.

Two paintings hung there on the wall —
Two dif’rent scenes, and not at all
As if together they belonged —
Each had a beauty all its own.

His painting was of fields and streams,
And mountain lakes, and forests green;
Her painting was of a country home,
With dogs and children and room to roam.

His brush was bold, with colors intense;
Her colors were softly blended in . . .
His vision made statements strongly felt;
Her beauty made one’s heart to melt . . .

Side by side they were displayed,
So close their frames were overlayed;
And though each painting seemed quite fine,
While others found homes they stayed behind . . .

There was a lacking in each one —
Each by itself was not quite done —
What was missing in each scene
Was what the other showed so keen.

One night it seemed that all was lost
As lightnings flashed and treelimbs tossed;
Stormclouds blew and drove the rain —
Through the windows and the doors it came.

All the paintings there were ruined,
Except just one amidst the ruins —
A masterpiece in a golden frame
Sure to bring the artist fame.

The bold brush strokes of mountain peaks
Blended into a softer scene —
Two lovers and a country home
With dogs and children and room to roam.
–© BRW (Wordcarver) 1987 -2012


Sharing life with them is like heaven. And you pray every morning for another day together.
In the morning you are mine,
As the sun begins to shine;
And through the day, with each ray
Of summer’s warmth I pray

That come the night,
When stars are bright,
You will still
Be near, my light
–©BRW 1987 – 2012


She is of a different religious or ethnic background or language; or, has a disability, or is larger (or smaller). For most it doesn’t matter, but once in awhile, someone makes a comment, like you’ve broken a rule . . . who made up these rules anyway?
Silly Games
“It won’t fit!
It’s like trying to put
A square peg
In a round hole —
It won’t fit the square holes, either!”

They’re all the wrong size,
Or wrong shape,
Or wrong color . . .
It just doesn’t fit . . .
Who made this dumb game, anyway?
Who wrote these silly rules?
This game would be so much fun to play
If we just played . . .
If we didn’t have all these rules
For each shape and size
And color . . .

These rules that were written
For some other game
In some other world . . .
Shouldn’t we know better?
Can’t we change the rules?
We should, you know,
Or throw the game away . . .
–©Wordcarver 2000 – 2012

Someone comments that you should stay within your own ethnic group. But why? You love one another. You love the person, their soul, their being. Didn’t Shakespeare write, ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’?
The Rose
In the garden I saw a rose —
Or so it appeared to me;
It smelled like a rose to my nose —
A rose it had to be!

But my friend there with me
Shook his head;
You see, he disagreed —
“To be a rose, a rose,” he said
“Must look like a rose, you see.
A rose is red, and this is green;
It’s probably just a weed,”
He said to explain just what he meant
When I asked him to proceed.

Since then, I’ve pondered,
Just what is a rose?
For that matter, what are we?
Is a rose what we touch and smell and feel?
Or only what we see?
If my friend there with me had been blind
I’ll bet he would agree
That we saw a rose
In the garden today —
She sure is a rose to me!
–© BRW 2003 – 2012


What is it we seek in a life partner? Regardless of all the qualities we might list, we mostly want a companion to share our life. Sometimes we’re like autumn leaves in the breeze, running here and there in search of another leaf like us.

Autumn Leaves
Like Autumn leaves
We’re on the run,
And all we hope
To find is one —
Another leaf like us,
Just one —
To share our winter days
In warmth beneath the snow;
When skies are grey
And winds are cold,
And time has stolen
Springtime’s glow
Away . . .
Where to go?
Where to go?
–©BRW(Wordcarver) 1989 – 2012

Deadlines, office politics, rush hour traffic, it all wears you down. After surviving the desert of stress and disorder, you just can’t wait to get home to be with the one person who makes it all worthwhile. Being with them is like being sheltered from the desert sun or raging storm.

You Are . . .
You are sunrise in the morning;
You are moonglow late at night;
You are the calm when seas are storming;
Deep in darkness, you are light.

You are the purest snow in winter;
You are flowers in the spring;
You are cool breezes in the summer;
You are a golden autumn day.

Was there life before you?
I cannot recall . . .
But, now that I have found you,
This is what I know:

You are cool waters when I’m weary;
You are shade from desert sun —
You are rest from storm’s fury;
You are my only one. . .
–©BRW 1987 – 2012


When she’s with you, you soar like an eagle.

Eagle in the Sky
Like an eagle in the sky
I fly
Ev’ry time you hold my hand;

And like a songbird in the spring
I sing
When you tell me I’m your man.

If you should ever leave
I’d grieve,
And the sun just would not shine

Until again you held my hand
And then
Like an eagle I would fly.
— ©BRW (Wordcarver)1987 – 2012

Time flies so quickly when you’re in love. A week, a month, a year . . . but wait! We just met yesterday, it seems! Has it been a year already?

Has it Been a Year Already?
Has it been a year already?
It doesn’t seem so long
Since I watched your eyes light up the sky
As you stepped outside your door.

Have twelve months passed so quickly?
My! How time has flown!
Since we laughed and talked as the world turn’d ’round
While we sat atop the dome . . .

Has it been a year already?
It seems I met you just week;
Yet, at the same time, like I’ve known you forever —
How can both feelings be?

How can a year so quickly pass —
Seeming not to pass at all —
While filling up our hearts and minds,
And ev’ry fiber of our souls,
With more pleasing mem’ries of times we’ve shared
Than a normal lifetime holds?

Has it been a year already?
It surely seems too soon
To say from my heart to yours this night,
“Happy ‘First Met’ Anniversary to you!”
–©Wordcarver 2004-2012


Lonely isn’t being alone.
Lonely is feeling alone.
When feelings cannot be shared
With another who understands and cares —
With whom you feel you can be weak —
Who will listen and not speak
Empty words of solace without meaning
To fill the void without hearing or feeling.
What do you do
When there is no one you can talk to?
Someone who cares for you
Who believes in you
Who understands…
© Oct 22, 2016, Bob R. Walker

What a New World!
‘Where did the years go?’

Wow! What a New World!
From hugs and kisses
And morning sickness,
Then beaming proudly
To be a new mommy;
Daddy’s happy
Changing diapies —
Oh, Wow!
What a new world!

Waking at night
To feed the baby,
Dreaming that he might
Someday, maybe
Become the Pres,
Or maybe “First Hubby” —
Oh, Wow!
What a great new world!

First words and steps,
Recorded and kept;
First bruises and bumps,
And measles or mumps;
And then it’s off to school . . .

Report card day —
All “A”s — Hooray!
And, before you know it,
He’s on his first date —
“Dad, can I borrow the car?”

“Gee, is it Prom Night?
Already? Well, all right.
I guess just this once
You can stay out past midnight…
Where did the years go?
Our baby is all grown!
We done good
I know he’ll go far!”

And, then off to college
To add to his knowledge.
Tuition and rooming
Sure lighten the wallet!
But you know it was worth it
When they march to “Aida,”
And shout, “It’s a great new world!”

And, on the way home,
As you hold hands, alone,
And smile
As the mem’ries unfurl,
Realization sinks in,
And you get a big grin —
“Whew! What a great new world!”

— ©06/1987 BRWalker


I’m awakened from my slumber,
A winter sleep devoid of dreams;
I’m awakened, and I wonder
What light is this I see?

As I awaken, I hear thunder,
And I hear an angel sing –
A voice and song that I remember
From a distant movie scene.

In the darkness I see sunshine –
But wonder how can sunshine be,
And feel a warmth as if in springtime,
Instead of January freeze.

In my thoughts I play the movie
That awakened me from sleep,
And I listen for the music,
Searching mem’ries for the scene.

Until I find the one with sunshine,
And angelic voice in song –
A warm refreshing breeze of springtime
That sweeps my soul along.

Your eyes that shine like sunrise,
Your voice that floats on air like song,
Your warmth just like the springtime
After winter night is gone

Quietly slipped into my slumber;
And now awakened from my sleep,
There are dreams that I remember,
And there are mem’ries in my dreams.

Bob Walker 01142015


Conditioned. We are conditioned to see
Through the judgements of others;
To accept and reject –
Through judgements we accept
Through judgements we believe.

Superficiality. Appearance. Is.
The clean. The dirty. The wealthy. The poor.
The house. The clothes. The bling. The car.
Conditioned, not to seek what lies within.
Conditioned that what we think we see … is.
-BRW 2014

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