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It’s Snowing

Snow, coming down, drifting down, floating down Little white memories of refreshing mist, Frozen into melancholy flakes Which are pretty to look at, Like mem’ries of us – To remember the times When, you and I – We dreamed together. -bwalker March 3,2010

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Audacious Dreams

I have been audacious, For I have believed About the guy That I could be The one so different You would see I am the one On whom to lean To be the one for you. I have been audacious To believe in prayer Or in the stars But, still, I care And dare To […]

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Baby, You are Free

“If you love someone, set them free . . .” Baby, You are Free Baby, you are free to go; You always have been free, you know; Whether or not I tell you so, You always have been free. It breaks my heart to see you leave; I thought you always would love me; I […]

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I Saw a Heart

Melancholy thoughts of fleeting love. It was, and then was not. Just as you caressed it, it flew away. I saw a heart, Fragile, like a flower; I saw that heart Wither within the hour . . . I saw a heart With the fragrance of Spring; I saw that heart Take wings . . […]

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