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Come to the Dance

Come to the dance, come to the dance,
Come to the dance and see
The dancers dance a lonely dance
While the lonely singers sing.

Play a song that we all know –
Play it slow and out of key . . .
That way I can sing along
And no one will laugh at me.

I will be a fool for you,
And dance out on the floor –
I’ll dance and sing and wear a smile
’til I can dance no more . . .

Come to the dance, the Lost Love Waltz –
The only dance I know . . .
Watch the losers take their bows
And begin their mournful stroll . . .

The dirge is slow, and we all know
Every mournful step and move . . .
We sway and turn and scrape and bow
To mem’ries of lost loves.

In empty arms each holds a dream –
We caress the air with care . . .
And struggle to stifle silent screams,
And to hide our trail of tears.

Come watch us dance and get a big laugh
At the fools we’ve all become –
At the clowns whose hearts are dressed in rags
And the songs we’ve left unsung.

So, come on down to the Broken Heart Dance
With me and all my friends . . .
We’ll dance and drink to the end of romance,
And toast what might have been . . .

– We’ll drink to the spasms and throes of dead love
And watch what might have been end.

–© 1988 BRWalker

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