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We neither one were looking
For the feelings that are here;
And I know you haven’t told me
Yet how much you care;
Now, I don’t mind you bein’ scared,
‘Cause I know you been done wrong;
Believe me, you can take your time,
But, Baby, please don’t run.

A girl like you don’t come around
Just ev’ry other day;
And any halfway decent clown
Would just die to have you stay;
But, I know that you may need some time
To be sure that I’m the one;
So, Baby, take the time you need,
But, Baby, please don’t run.

Don’t run away,
No, Baby —
Don’t you run away from me;
I’ll let you take the time you need —
Just you wait and see;
Don’t run away,
No, Baby —
You don’ have to run away;
I swear I’ll never hurt you, Girl,
So, Baby, please don’t run.

The guys you knew before me
Didn’t treat you like they should —
Didn’t treat you like a lady,
Even though they said they would;
But, I’m not like the others, Girl,
No, I won’t go astray;
Don’t compare me to those other guys,
And please don’t run away.

Don’t run away,
No, Baby —
You don’t have to run away;
I’ll give you time
To make your mind,
‘Cause I want you, Girl, to stay.
   ┬ęBRW 1988

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