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I’m awakened from my slumber,
A winter sleep devoid of dreams;
I’m awakened, and I wonder
What light is this I see?

As I awaken, I hear thunder,
And I hear an angel sing –
A voice and song that I remember
From a distant movie scene.

In the darkness I see sunshine –
But wonder how can sunshine be,
And feel a warmth as if in springtime,
Instead of January freeze.

In my thoughts I play the movie
That awakened me from sleep,
And I listen for the music,
Searching mem’ries for the scene.

Until I find the one with sunshine,
And angelic voice in song –
A warm refreshing breeze of springtime
That sweeps my soul along.

Your eyes that shine like sunrise,
Your voice that floats on air like song,
Your warmth just like the springtime
After winter night is gone

Quietly slipped into my slumber;
And now awakened from my sleep,
There are dreams that I remember,
And there are mem’ries in my dreams.

Bob Walker 01142015

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