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Lady’s Eyes

Lady’s Eyes
The new sun would rise,
And so would I
Climb into the saddle
And ride.
Every day,
Never afraid
To go into the battle
And fight.

I knew I could win
Again and again
For the shining light
Of Lady’s eyes.
Lady would wait
At Victory’s gate,
Each day, her eyes
Beaming with pride.

Lady’s eyes,
My Lady’s eyes,
Shining, like stars
In the sky.
Lady’s eyes,
Like beams of sunlight,
I’d ride to the fight
For Lady’s eyes.

Now the sun sets,
And Lady has left,
And the warrior inside me
Has died;
The battle I lost
With unbearable cost
Was the fight I fought
For Lady’s eyes.

Lady’s eyes,
My Lady’s eyes
Forever will shine
In my mind.
Lady’s eyes,
Like beams of sunlight –
Love lost
When I lost Lady’s eyes.
–©BRW 1988 – 2013

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