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Wordsworth said, ‘Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.’

Man of the Earth; Child of the Sky
When the Man of the Earth
Saw the Child of the Sky,
He longed in his heart
To be by her side.

If but for a day
To be freed from his bonds,
if but for a moment
To fly.

“Can you make my heart sing,
And give it wings to fly?
Will you make my feet dance,
If I take a chance
With you?
And if, at daybreak,
I awake,
And you are gone,
Will I then recall
That my wishes all
Came true?”

The Heavenly Dream
Heard the Earth sing;
She turned
And held out her hand.
Together they danced
With the Angel of Romance —
The waltz of love
Without end . . .
The two moved as one
Until morning sun,
When the angel, with tears,
Said goodbye . . .

Then the Earth wrote a song
For the child that had flown;
And he sang, when it rained
To the Sky . . .

“Oh, how my heart sang!
With wings in the wind
It flew!
And the dance my feet danced —
The thrill of the chance
With you!
And though, at daybreak,
As I awake,
You have gone;
I will always recall
That with you
My dreams came true!”

For the Man of the Earth
The Child of the Sky
Is you.
–©BRW (Wordcarver)

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