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Oh, how the joy that once was ours
Had quickly flown away …
The summer song that blessed the flowers,
Gone, but in a day . . .

Yearning once again to hear
Those strains upon the breeze,
We searched —
No longer was it there–
Our song had ceased to be…
That warm and gentle summer’s day
Became so quickly cold —
The clear blue skies were chased away–
Sadness filled our souls…

Fragrance of the blossomed field
Lay dead upon the air —
A fatal wound that could not heal–
A loss too great to bear…

But, just as good things have their end,
So, too, sorrow ceases soon;
And yesterday, upon the wind,
I heard a distant tune.
Upon the raging storm it danced,
Until the clouds were gone;
And the sun broke forth upon the land–
A joyous bright new dawn!

Upon the breeze came the sound
For which our hearts had yearned–
“It’s back! It’s back!” I cried aloud,
“Our summer song’s returned!”

Just as night brings forth the day,
And winter begets the spring;
So, too, we who have
In mournful silence sat,
Are joyful once again.
Oh, that this happy day
Should never see an end . . .
“Leave us not again,” we pray,
“Leave us not again.”
© BRW c.1978

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