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Two hearts beat in separate breasts
Across the astral plane –
Across the empty void they seek
Another heart the same;
Yet hide within protective walls
So not to feel more pain.
To give their love, but not to fall-
To fall again out of control,
To share the space between their souls –
The space between two heartbeats.

Two hearts beat in separate breasts,
And find they are the same
Each hides its fears and pretends
To present a happy face;
Not to trust, let down the guard –
To love, but not to fall so hard;
So with timid steps they vow to share
The space between two heartbeats.

Tears are shed from thoughtless words;
Each heart rebuilds its walls;
With pain so great each heartbeat swears
“No, not again, that’s all!”

Through all the thoughtless words and deeds,
All my self protecting needs,
Through mornings and the sleepless nights,
without your heartbeat by my side;
Mistaken thoughts, protective walls,
Praying just to hear your call,
Through burning tears and calls to God,
On bended knees with vows and pleas,
Not one heartbeat in me has passed
Without a thought of you;
And my love for you has faltered not
For the space between two heartbeats.
–©Bob Walker, July 23, 2012

Come to the Dance

Come to the dance, come to the dance,
Come to the dance and see
The dancers dance a lonely dance
While the lonely singers sing.

Play a song that we all know –
Play it slow and out of key . . .
That way I can sing along
And no one will laugh at me.

I will be a fool for you,
And dance out on the floor –
I’ll dance and sing and wear a smile
’til I can dance no more . . .

Come to the dance, the Lost Love Waltz –
The only dance I know . . .
Watch the losers take their bows
And begin their mournful stroll . . .

The dirge is slow, and we all know
Every mournful step and move . . .
We sway and turn and scrape and bow
To mem’ries of lost loves.

In empty arms each holds a dream –
We caress the air with care . . .
And struggle to stifle silent screams,
And to hide our trail of tears.

Come watch us dance and get a big laugh
At the fools we’ve all become –
At the clowns whose hearts are dressed in rags
And the songs we’ve left unsung.

So, come on down to the Broken Heart Dance
With me and all my friends . . .
We’ll dance and drink to the end of romance,
And toast what might have been . . .

– We’ll drink to the spasms and throes of dead love
And watch what might have been end.

–© 1988 BRWalker

Songbird Song

Wandering in the dark I cried,
“Is anybody there?”
From the void came back a sure reply,
“Always I am here.”

Madly I began to seek,
The source of that sweet sound;
Running all about, until
Its source, at last, I found.

Ever may I hear that voice —
The rarest of rare finds
–Your songbird song, your siren sound
Singing in my mind.
–©BRW, 1988 – 2004

Without Her

When I arise
From a night without rest —
As I brush my teeth
And shave and get dressed,
My thoughts are on
The one who has blessed
My life with a love
That is truly the best.

And when I am fighting
That morning rush crowd,
I find myself whispering
Her name out aloud
Just so I can hear
That most beautiful sound
–the name that causes
My heart wildly to pound.

Throughout the day,
When I get the chance,
I open my desk drawer
To sneak a quick glance
At the Golden Brown skin
That makes my heart dance
And the beautiful eyes
That keep me lost in romance.

At night, when I lay
Myself down for to sleep,
I pray to God
Her precious soul to keep
Safe from all harm,
And then softly I weep
That another night comes
Without her with me.



When a blanket of cold white
Covers grassy fields;
And the wind cuts like a scythe
With a chilled blade of cold steel;
Although the rivers turn to ice,
There’s a fire within me still;
And with a look into your eyes
I know that burn it always will.

When the darkened stormclouds blow
And make us sad and solemn feel;
When there seems nowhere to go
To find love that’s true and real;
Although life seems at a low,
It’s at times like this I will
Recall your love so bold,
And know the fire is blazing still.

When spring has chased away
Those wretched winter chills;
And dreams of summer days
In your arms bring me a thrill;
When my lips just cannot wait
Until your gentle kiss they feel
Into your brilliant eyes I gaze
And know the flames are roaring still.


My Azure Texas Sky

Texas Sunrise —
Crisp morning air,
Golden sunlight
In your hair;
Brilliant brown eyes,
Skin so fair,
Under azure Texas skies.

Precious lips I
Kiss in dreams;
Just yesterday in my
Arms, it seems
Your precious smile
I’ll always see
In the azure Texas sky.

Each morn’ and eve’
When I pray
I thank my God
For the day
He let a dream
Pass my way
Under azure Texas skies;

And, forever,
In my heart
And memory,
You, to me,
Will always be
My azure Texas sky.

–BRWalker October 18,2010

Long before there was time,
And as long as there shall be,
Your heart, My Love,
I have loved with mine;
Our love was meant to be.

Before the first robin’s song
In the first Earth Spring —
Before there was even an tree —
I loved you with
The very first love;
And, will eternally.

Before the first starlight
And first moonlight,
And long after these will be,
I have loved you forever,
And pray that together
We will always be.

Long before the first ocean tide
Rushed from shore to sea;
Long before the first sunrise
Or sunset e’er was seen,
Our love, My Love,
From before there was time
Has been, and always will be.

–©BRWalker 1988 – 2012

Just a Year Ago

I wrote this for a delightful relationship that lasted just one year.
A year ago just yesterday
I packed my bags and caught a plane
To fly off to a nowhere place —
Alone and by myself I flew,
And never dreamed that I’d meet you.

A year ago just last night
I lay in bed and wondered why
My life was so unsatisfied.
What I dreamed I wish I knew;
But I never dreamed that I’d meet you.

A year ago just this morn
I began the day like days before —
Shaved and dressed and locked the door,
And went to do the job I knew —
And never dreamed that I’d meet you.

A year ago just today
I met you and my life was changed;
It seems like only yesterday —
It’s like I have been born anew
In the moments since I first met you.

A year ago, just tonight
I walked with you in moonlight
And saw the starlight in your eyes;
And somehow, in my heart, I knew
I’d bless the day that I met you.

BRWalker June 22,1988

White Line Bullets

This came to me while driving 800 miles overnight to see someone in 1987. As the headlights played upon the lane markers, they felt like white line bullets …

Off from work and in the car,
I’m running for your love;
Flying down the interstate,
It’s you I’m thinking of.
Nine hundred miles of road ahead —
I curse them every one —
No sleep tonight, but I’ll see you
With the morning sun.

White line bullets
Straight into my heart,
Miles of white line bullets
Keeping us apart;
I’m driving through to be with you —
They won’t keep me away —
I’ll beat those white line bullets
With the dawning of the day.

The traffic fades, the Dallas lights
Are all left far behind;
I see only miles of road ahead
And you burning in my mind.
Outside of Texarkana
I call you on the phone,
“Light the fire, put coffee on —
I’ll see you with the dawn.”

White line bullets
Straight into my heart;
I hate those white line bullets
That are keeping us apart.
Into the night I aim my flight
Straight to your loving arms;
And I dream of holding you so tight
When the sunrise brings the dawn.

A cup of black in Memphis,
Then back into the night,
Blowing northward out of Nashville
With the first hint of sunlight.
Just three more hours on the road,
And I’m in Paradise —
To feel your body next to mine,
And gaze into your eyes.

White line bullets
That led me straight to you;
Miles of white line bullets
That showed the way so true.
From night to day they show the way
Straight to your loving arms;
And now I’m where I want to stay
With your love to keep me warm.

©Bob Walker, December 30, 1987

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