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Memories of Ruth

Our animal companions are so clever – they slyly slip into our souls and grab hold of our heart strings. “Ruth” was a rescue kitty from a Collector. She was meant for adoption after I had fostered her back to health; but, by then she had hooked me. Several years later, she suddenly became ill and the vet said there was no hope, so the humane thing was to let her go. She lay there on the table so weak but watching me with her trusting eyes as the vet shaved the small space on her foreleg and inserted the fatal needle. I stroked her fur and she just kept watching me until she went to sleep. I wept more than for my own dad, who had passed away earlier that same week. How do they manage to so thoroughly capture our heart?

Silently slipping into our hearts,
Making mem’ries we save in our souls,
They keep us captured
And totally enraptured,
Yet, remind us
They’re just ours on loan.
And, when they’re gone,
Once they have flown,
For eternity, our heart is their home.
–┬ęBRW (Wordcarver)

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