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Just give it another day or so,
She’ll come back, she will, I know.
She just needs a day or two
To think this whole thing through.

Give her just a little time
And she’ll realize she’s really mine —
That she belongs right here with me,
In just a day … or two … or three…

In just a few days, maybe a week
She will call, she will, you’ll see;
But right now she just needs space —
Oh God! I miss her warm embrace!

I kiss her sweet lips in my dreams,
I hold her body close to me,
I think of all the times we shared,
And I can’t believe she doesn’t care.

I know she’ll come to miss me, too,
In just another week or two.
She will, won’t she? Miss me, I mean …
It’s been forever, already, it seems.

I want to hold her, I miss her so much —
Her smile, her laughter, her tender touch,
Her brilliant eyes, her golden skin,
Her heart with so much love within …

I’m sure in a month or so she’ll see
That I’m for her; and, she’s for me.
So don’t rush it, be patient, let her have time,
She just needs to clear her mind …

And then she’ll be back, she will, I just know —
Just give it another day or so …
┬ęBRWalker, December 1988 – 2011

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