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Two hearts beat in separate breasts
Across the astral plane –
Across the empty void they seek
Another heart the same;
Yet hide within protective walls
So not to feel more pain.
To give their love, but not to fall-
To fall again out of control,
To share the space between their souls –
The space between two heartbeats.

Two hearts beat in separate breasts,
And find they are the same
Each hides its fears and pretends
To present a happy face;
Not to trust, let down the guard –
To love, but not to fall so hard;
So with timid steps they vow to share
The space between two heartbeats.

Tears are shed from thoughtless words;
Each heart rebuilds its walls;
With pain so great each heartbeat swears
“No, not again, that’s all!”

Through all the thoughtless words and deeds,
All my self protecting needs,
Through mornings and the sleepless nights,
without your heartbeat by my side;
Mistaken thoughts, protective walls,
Praying just to hear your call,
Through burning tears and calls to God,
On bended knees with vows and pleas,
Not one heartbeat in me has passed
Without a thought of you;
And my love for you has faltered not
For the space between two heartbeats.
–┬ęBob Walker, July 23, 2012

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