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Too Much!

You’re angry that you were a fool. You swear no one is going to make a fool of you again. Ah, but slowly, surely, the wounds begin to heal, and hesitantly,you venture to take another chance . . .
“Too much!”
That’s what I said
After the last time,
After my heart died,
After I cried . . .
“It’s just too damn much!”

“Fuck ’em all!
Why give your heart
To a woman when all
She wants is a roll in the hay
And to be able to say,
‘I sure broke his heart, poor bastard!’
Why give ’em the satisfaction?
Just to play their game . . . “
“Take what you can, but don’t you dare
Start to care!
Don’t you dare!”

But, here I am again,
Takin’ a chance again,
Dancin’ the dance again,
Startin’ to care again,
Startin’ to care . . .
Too much!

It’s such a crock –
Playin’ this game,
Wond’rin’ if this time
It’ll turn out the same,
Wond’rin’ if this time
I’ll walk away sayin’
“It’s just too damn much!”

Ah, but, here I am again,
Dancin’ this dance again,
Takin’ this chance again,
Takin’ this chance with you . . .

. . . and I know it is worth the risk
Ev’ry time I touch your lips,
Ev’ry time I see your face,
Ev’ry time that we embrace,
And I feel my heart race . . .
. . . and I know that it isn’t
Too much . . .
┬ęBRW(Wordcarver) 2003

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