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What a New World!
‘Where did the years go?’

Wow! What a New World!
From hugs and kisses
And morning sickness,
Then beaming proudly
To be a new mommy;
Daddy’s happy
Changing diapies —
Oh, Wow!
What a new world!

Waking at night
To feed the baby,
Dreaming that he might
Someday, maybe
Become the Pres,
Or maybe “First Hubby” —
Oh, Wow!
What a great new world!

First words and steps,
Recorded and kept;
First bruises and bumps,
And measles or mumps;
And then it’s off to school . . .

Report card day —
All “A”s — Hooray!
And, before you know it,
He’s on his first date —
“Dad, can I borrow the car?”

“Gee, is it Prom Night?
Already? Well, all right.
I guess just this once
You can stay out past midnight…
Where did the years go?
Our baby is all grown!
We done good
I know he’ll go far!”

And, then off to college
To add to his knowledge.
Tuition and rooming
Sure lighten the wallet!
But you know it was worth it
When they march to “Aida,”
And shout, “It’s a great new world!”

And, on the way home,
As you hold hands, alone,
And smile
As the mem’ries unfurl,
Realization sinks in,
And you get a big grin —
“Whew! What a great new world!”

— ©06/1987 BRWalker

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