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When I reflect upon our days
I wish
We had understood our hearts–
That I had understood your pain
And that
You’d understood my fear.

Your heart is pure,
And so is mine;
But scars from wounds long past
Built walls and fortresses
To protect our souls
But which also hold us in

The love we share — and still we care,
But do not dare to show —
For fear the pain will come again,
And we won’t survive the blow.

And yet, inside our souls we cry
At the loss we both now feel
We up our guard, but wonder why
-Does it have to be like this?

The pain, still there,
Means we each still care,
But could we dare
To be a fool?

Afraid to try, afraid to cry,
Afraid to trust again.
Can you? Can I? I know, inside,
Our wounded hearts still care.

I care, you care, but do we dare
To unlock our bolted door?
Would it be a waste of time,
Or do at last we understand?

From when we met until this day
My love still thrives and grows;
I hold my hand to you, Dear Friend,
I open up my soul.
–©Bob Walker, 08182012

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