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After the Pain

Too Much!
“Too much!”
That’s what I said
After the last time,
After my heart died,
After I cried . . .
“It’s just too damn much!”

“Fuck ’em all!
Why give your heart
To a woman when all
She wants is a roll in the hay
And to be able to say,
‘I sure broke his heart, poor bastard!’
Why give ’em the satisfaction?
Just to play their game . . . “
“Take what you can, but don’t you dare
Start to care!
Don’t you dare!”

But, here I am again,
Takin’ a chance again,
Dancin’ the dance again,
Startin’ to care again,
Startin’ to care . . .
Too much!

It’s such a crock –
Playin’ this game,
Wond’rin’ if this time
It’ll turn out the same,
Wond’rin’ if this time
I’ll walk away sayin’
“It’s just too damn much!”

Ah, but, here I am again,
Dancin’ this dance again,
Takin’ this chance again,
Takin’ this chance with you . . .

. . . and I know it is worth the risk
Ev’ry time I touch your lips,
Ev’ry time I see your face,
Ev’ry time that we embrace,
And I feel my heart race . . .
. . . and I know that it isn’t
Too much . . .
–©BRW(Wordcarver) 2003-2012


Womb (Why Risk Love?)
We wrap ourselves
Within our womb
For protection from the pain;

We walk the path
Of lonely wrath,
And vow not to love again.

But then one day
There comes our way
New promise with the spring;

We forget the tears
And push back the fears
Of what new love may bring.

We take a chance
At romance
Because in our hearts we yearn

For the joy that comes
From loving someone
Who loves us in return.
–©BRW 2003 – 2012

We can sabotage the future by being too stuck in the past.

I don’t want to be
A notch on someone’s pistol,
Or a trophy on the wall –
I have to feel I’m needed,
Or I’m needed not at all.
My heart is not for show and tell –
It’s love it wants to share –
But not to be held up for sport,
Then discarded without care.
I can’t be just a plaything
To fill the emptiness;
And then cast aside as something
That isn’t even missed.
I don’t want to be a souvenier
In someone’s mem’ry hall;
Or a notch on someone’s pistol,
Or a trophy on the wall.
–©BRW 1988-2012

When you find love again, don’t lose it by foolishly trying to be aloof and self protective. Tell her what she means to you. Better yet, show her every day.

Sunlight after the Storm
Like sunlight
Bursting into the day
After stormy weather,
And bringing warmth
Into the lives
Of all those creatures
Of the forest
Who shivered in the vicious storm,
Wondering if it
Would ever end,
You bring sunshine into my heart.
Only you have done this.
Until forever shall I love you.
–©BRW 2004 – 2012

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