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Without Her

When I arise
From a night without rest —
As I brush my teeth
And shave and get dressed,
My thoughts are on
The one who has blessed
My life with a love
That is truly the best.

And when I am fighting
That morning rush crowd,
I find myself whispering
Her name out aloud
Just so I can hear
That most beautiful sound
–the name that causes
My heart wildly to pound.

Throughout the day,
When I get the chance,
I open my desk drawer
To sneak a quick glance
At the Golden Brown skin
That makes my heart dance
And the beautiful eyes
That keep me lost in romance.

At night, when I lay
Myself down for to sleep,
I pray to God
Her precious soul to keep
Safe from all harm,
And then softly I weep
That another night comes
Without her with me.


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